Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Brunette Walks In To Wal-Mart

What is the deal lately...

You will not believe what happen to me on Tuesday night. It was about 9:30ish on Tuesday night when I decided to accompany my mother to Walmart. My mom and I were in the soap and bodywash isle. I was just standing in the main isle watching my mom find some hair gel when this lady started asking me what kind of soap or bodywash would smell good on her.

I thought that she was talking to someone else. So I asked her, "Are you talking to me???" Unfortunatly I got the reply, "Yes." I couldnt believe my ears. I replied by saying, "I don't know I would have to smell them."

So being the kind person that I am, I helped her pick out a bodywash that smelled good on her. Let me just tell you that we went through quite a few. She was picking Irish Spring and some other really masculine scents. She then put the body wash I suggested in the cart and proceeded to tell me how she uses mens deodorant because it protects her better and would I like to smell it.

I politely declined and scrambled out of there with the cart as fast as I could. In the meantime my mom was cracking up laughing in the other aisle. For the rest of the evening my mom was giving me so much crap about how I met a new buddy. How I made a new friend at Wal-Mart. All my mom and I could do was laugh. What are the odds of that happening?

Welcome To Our New Blog

Hey everybody!

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~The Blonde and the Brunette